Easy implemention and decreased costs

TakeCare is easy to implement. In Stockholm’s city council each unit chose its own way of implementing the IT-solution. In three years Stockholm County health care district (SLSO) has introduced TakeCare as a common medical record. The introduction of TakeCare as a common EMR has resulted in direct savings of SEK 24 million per year.

Stockholm County health care district (SLSO) covers healthcare for the approximately 1.6 million people living in the catchment. The organization has over 11.000 employees and annual sales of around 8 billion per year. SLSO handles nearly 6 million individual out-patient transactions and nearly 600.000 care-days in hospital operations a year. SLSO has in less than three years introduced TakeCare as a common medical record – instead of supporting twelve – and increased patient safety and quality of care and saved a total of SEK 50 million (EUR 5,6 million) a year.
The introduction of TakeCare as a common EMR has resulted in direct savings of SEK 24 million (EUR 2.5 million) per year. The consolidation of a common EMR has simplified the IT-structure and created conditions to standardize approximately 10.000 personal computers and consolidate 500 servers located at multiple locations to 40 physical servers in one data center, thus simplifying IT-infrastructure and centralize the IT-organization. This has led to additional savings of SEK 26 million (EUR 2,9 million) per year.

Cheaper workstations
The intention of the between Karolinska Hospital and the smaller Huddinge Hospital merger was to create an integrated university hospital built upon the need to increase competence in highly specialized care, and at the same time promote Stockholm as a centre for medical research and development on both a national and an international scale. At the time of the merger, each hospital had a scattered IT-environment with many different unsynchronized applications and IT-systems.
The evidence that TakeCare comes with lower financial costs than alternatives can be drawn from an inventory of costs made at the time of the merger of Karolinska Hospital and Huddinge Hospital, 2004. The inventory shows large differences in IT costs at the two hospitals. The cost per workstation was almost twice as high at KH: approximately SEK 144.000 (EUR 16.800) compared to SEK 77.000 (EUR 8.613) at HH. The average cost per workstation in other organizations with similar needs is SEK 97.500 (EUR 10.906). Karolinska Hospital had costs far above the average cost and Huddinge Hospital had costs below it.

Happy users
At the time of the merger, Huddinge Hospital used one common electronic health record system, TakeCare, throughout the entire hospital. TakeCare was very popular among the users, and it was the first IT-system for care to be certified for user-friendliness by the European user organization UsersAward. In contrast, Karolinska Hospital used at least three systems which – even in combination – delivered less functionality than TakeCare.
TakeCare had higher scores in most of the assessment categories defined by UsersAward. In general, the employees of Karolinska Hospital were less satisfied with their IT support for the healthcare process than those of Huddinge Hospital.

Download TakeCare folder here

TakeCare and Stockholm County health care district:
  • From 12 EMRs to 1 TakeCare in 3 years.
  • Increased patient safety and quality of care.
  • A total saving of SEK 50 million (EUR 5.6 million) a year.
  • User-friendly and awarded (UserAward) IT system.