Orders & replies

TakeCare’s function for ordering, booking, results and replies is presumably the most complete and flexible solution for managing electronic ordering, booking, results and replies available in the market. More than twenty-five laboratory and x-ray systems are integrated into this TakeCare function. Ordinary consultation referrals can be sent between all units connected to the system.

Electronic orders
Electronic ordering and booking can be sent to most sectors/organisations in the market. Multi-sector ordering/booking are electronic orders/bookings that can handle more than one sector at the same time. The advantage of this type of ordering/booking is that the TakeCare user does not need to know which type of laboratory is performing the analysis. Analyses belonging to various types of laboratories or medical services can be combined in the same order. A central laboratory organisation is responsible for providing an analysis index which can be imported by TakeCare. The index contains all the data belonging to the analysis. Thus, the laboratories are totally in control of what the TakeCare user must fill in and when this information is imperative.

Electronic replies
Results from the various laboratories are imported into TakeCare and can be presented as individual results or on a cumulative list. The analyses or measurements performed at the care unit can be entered directly into TakeCare as measurement data. These are defined in the central term index with properties such as probability value and unit. The measurement data can also be used as a predefined text option for things like estimation scales and care-priority rating.
This function provides a cumulative presentation of all measurement data and analyses from several types of laboratories/medical services. This makes it possible for the user to monitor trends relating to analyses and measurement data over time, by means of the actual values or graphic depictions. It is also possible to configure a filter with a selection of all analyses and measurement data.

Multidisciplinary O & R
For the customer, this referral is totally configurable and can be used for referring to x-ray, physiology or neurophysiology departments. In the same way as the multi-sector ordering, an examination index has been uploaded to this referral function, for which the respective laboratory organisation is responsible and manages. The TakeCare ordering, booking, results and reply system is vital for laboratories in the care process and supports the patients being referred and the units making the referral. The information received as laboratory results can be presented automatically in various functions in TakeCare. For instance, the latest creatinine values can be presented in an x-ray referral.

For ordering a consultation, logic is built in to make it easier for the party ordering the consultation. When choosing a recipient, the system shows the acceptable causes for contacting the recipient chosen and whether the recipient accepts electronic referrals. Monitoring of outgoing references is possible. The care unit has an inbox for incoming consultation referrals and an inbox for incoming replies. For paper-based referrals, it is possible to scan and attach the document to a referral registered as received in TakeCare. Incoming referrals can be linked to waiting lists, ordering/booking or care planning.

A separate monitoring function is found in TakeCare to keep track of whether results/replies have been received for orders/bookings submitted. If an order/booking has not been replied to by a specified date, an alert to this effect appears in the monitoring function. The monitoring function can be set at analysis level or an order/booking level. For monitoring at analysis level, each individual analysis in the order is monitored for results/replies.

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