Multimedia information is becoming increasingly important as part of the decision-making platform in patient care pathways. TakeCare provides many practical options for creating and managing sound, image and video-based information in medical records.

The image management module makes it possible to import and save various types of images directly in the medical records. The images are saved in JPEG format.

Digital dictation
TakeCare offers the option of entering digital dictation directly in the patient’s records. Dictation templates make it easier for the dictating person to use the correct terminology. As soon as a sound file has been created, the information is accessible in the patient’s medical records. All dictated sound files are gathered in an overall prioritised list for the care unit. A secretary can retrieve the sound files from this list and transcribe them in a linked medical-record template. TakeCare’s digital dictation function uses a general platform which makes it possible to use any make of dictation equipment whatsoever.

The scanning module makes it possible to store paper-based documents in the electronic medical records. Most scanners currently on the market can be used as the function uses the TWAIN standard for hardware communication. TakeCare handles the import of multipage PDF files from a scanner.

PicSara Imaging
Via TakeCare, the user can store multimedia documents using the PicSara application. This is an external application from Euromed AB with whom we have jointly created a closely integrated interface. The user will experience this as part of the overall system.

From x-ray results in a patient’s medical records, the user has access to open the digitised x-rays in a web client. This is made possible via an integration with the x-ray system’s electronic picture archiving and communication system PACS.

Download TakeCare folder here