General components

TakeCare offers a number of central functions, such as administrative functions, users and access rights.

TakeCare is a highly flexible system that makes it possible for the customer to manage its own tables with data for various functions. There is also the option of switching functions on and off from a central location in the system. In the system administration module it is also possible to control certain module properties. There is also a central application which the administrator can use to monitor and follow up system logs and to monitor processes.
It is also possible for a number of functions in the system to do things like create templates and overviews for the care unit. This makes it possible to specifically adapt functions to various types of care organisations.

User management
TakeCare’s access-rights functions make it possible to control access to information for different users. There is an option for defining user profiles allotted to various users depending on factors like profession and workplace. TakeCare offers the option of managing access rights at several levels.

General lists
This list gathers all incoming laboratory results or measurement data recordings which a care provider must study and possibly take action on as a result. The list also gathers scanned documents and images which have been imported into the patient’s medical records. Incoming documents which must be certified are found on certification lists for the care unit’s person in charge of certification and in the patient’s medical records.

System message
TakeCare provides the option of uploading information directed to TakeCare users. This information can be intended for all users or for users working at specific care providers, care-unit groups and/or a care unit. The messages can include links to additional information.

The termindex is the heart of TakeCare. This is where the common conceptual model is implemented for direct access in the production process. All terms, their meaning and the context in which they are to be viewed in TakeCare are managed in the termindex. The termindex is common for the whole system. Once a term has been defined, it will be accessible to the affected subsidiary systems and to all users.

Patient-related information easily reaches the user through the system’s integrated web browser and direct connection to the Internet/intranet. The web browser is also used for integration with the online system.

Unit management
TakeCare also provides the option for the user to monitor behaviour in a number of functions. This includes the automatic filtering of data in medical records but also for doing things like configuring one’s own overviews of patient information.

Download TakeCare folder here