The modules

An overview of the TakeCare modules
TakeCare’s architecture is based on modules and functions made available for other IT-solutions as independent services via standardized protocols and message formats. This is made possible through the modules; Xchange and Intelligence.

The architecture is implemented with web services based on techniques such as SQL, XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI and can be implemented with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It makes it possible to gradually change working practices, procedures and IT-support in a controlled manner without compromising patient safety and medical quality. With an ESB just one interface instead of several needs to be secured. For large organizations this reduces complexity and increases flexibility.

The goal of this service-oriented architecture (SOA) is to:

  • Link IT-systems that are not designed to work together conceptually and technical.
  • Optimize the reuse of data and functionality of IT-solutions, minimize the need for double entry and reduce the inconsistency of data.
  • Create a structure to quickly facilitate adaptation to new business requirements, exchange of IT-solutions and new business opportunities.

Download TakeCare folder here