Evidence used in health services research
TakeCare’s core is based on one patient one medical record. This creates a unique opportunity for clinical research such as clinical epidemiology. TakeCare can provide and structure data which makes a great tool to identify a more rational treatment of the patient e.g. identifying medication and treatment for patients with polypharmacy.

TakeCare as a common EHR provides the opportunity of more comprehensive response rates.The structured data in TakeCare can help epidemiologists identify the health states and health needs of a target population and evaluate treatments of the particular patient group. This has proven to be a powerful tool in dealing with large patient groups sharing the same diseases e.g. patients with chronic diseases.

TakeCare provides:

  • Structured data.
  • A base to study health-event patterns in society.
  • Identification of risk factors.
  • Data for statistical analysis.

Download TakeCare folder here