Patient empowerment

Patient empowerment with TakeCare
According to the World Health Organization (April 2011) roughly 36 million people die from chronic diseases every year. The right IT-solution empowers the patients to take care of their own health – and if diagnosed help managing it.

By involving the patient in self-monitoring, reporting and appointment bookings, TakeCare relieves some of the pressure on the healthcare sector and allocate resources to be used elsewhere. The goal of CompuGroup Medical is: Enabling everyone to have access to their health data, anytime and anywhere.

TakeCare provides the patient with easy to use tools to monitor basic health conditions such as blood sugar counts, and enables the patient to send the results in a structured and secured form to the healthcare providers. The system can also handle booking and prescription renewal in both the primary and secondary sector.

TakeCare provides the patient with:

  • Easy access to book appointment.
  • Easy access to renew prescriptions.
  • An overview of the medical record.
  • An overview of who has seen the data.
  • Easy and structured contact to the healthcare provider.

Download TakeCare folder here

TakeCare is a CE-marked medical device product. The CE-marking demonstrates that TakeCare meets stringent requirements for patient safety as stipulated in Europe’s medical device directive MDD 93/42/EEC.