Doctor-patient relationship
With TakeCare the patient and the healthcare provider can communicate in a secure, easy and structured way. The patient can prepare for a consultation and make sure that all questions are asked, perform small tests and forward the data to the doctor. This also gives the doctor relevant information before the consultation.

Knowledgeable and engaged patients can more Doctor-patient relationship effectively care for themselves and partner with their healthcare providers, leading to better health outcomes and a more efficient healthcare.TakeCare is continuously expanding the tools for the healthcare provider-patient relationship. Since TakeCare is module based it is also easy to interact, distribute and gather data from other IT-solutions in the healthcare system.

TakeCare helps:

  • To take care of the patients’ data.
  • To provide the data to the patient in an easy manner.
  • To structure communication between healthcare providers and patient.
  • To empower the patient to take responsibility for his or her own health.
  • The patient by interacting with self-monitoring tools.

Download TakeCare folder here