Cost savings

Cost savings within IT
TakeCare has proven that the IT-solution can be implemented in large, complex socio-technical /economic systems in a short amount of time – or as a “big bang”. Introducing TakeCare provides many benefits, better capacity for compliance against an organization’s vision, goals and strategies, flexible business and high data quality, reduced indirect costs of user activities and fewer failed IT projects.

TakeCare’s ability to secure the right functionality and reduce duplication of records prevents the information being lost, destroyed and falsified. Other benefits are reduced complexity through standardization and consolidation.

This leads to lower IT costs with respect to:

  • Operation, maintenance and development of new functionality.
  • Integration with national and regional initiatives.
  • Adaption to rules and regulations and financial settlement systems.

Download TakeCare folder here

Savings in Stockholm: Stockholm County (SLSO) – with 6 million outpatient consultations and nearly 600 000 care days in hospital operations – has in less than three years introduced TakeCare as a common medical record – instead of twelve independent ones. This has increased patient safety and quality of care and helped save a total of SEK 50 million (EUR 5,6 mil.) every year.