Best practice

Evidence based best practice
The structured data in TakeCare makes it possible to compare workflows and treatments across the healthcare sector in a very detailed manner. It is possible to capture quality measures directly related to the care process and the treatment results. TakeCare Intelligence gathers and structures data that can be used as evidence on how a particular treatment works, and how and if it should be implemented. It is a very flexible module that can be linked to all databases in the healthcare system.

The goal with evidence based medicine and best practices is to eliminate unsound or excessively risky practices in favor of solutions with better outcomes. TakeCare Intelligence ensures the best prediction of outcomes in medical treatment by recording and cataloguing the evidence for systematic retrieval.

TakeCare Intelligence helps to:

  • Retrieve and asses data in a structured form.
  • Facilitate cost-effective care.
  • Improve the quality of clinical judgments.
  • Discover and develop best practices.
  • Achieve better care for the patient.
  • Optimize providers’ workflow.

Download TakeCare folder here